Why do my prices usually change each year?

Every year, everyone involved in the supply chain reviews their costs and decides what to charge energy retailers like us. Changes in those charges often lead to movement in the prices paid by power users like you, but we always make sure we remain competitive and we’ll always let you know prior to a price change taking effect.

What is my tariff?

Your tariff reflects the way your meter is set up. The most common set-ups are  ‘Anytime’ (Single Rate), ‘Peak and Off Peak’ or ‘Controlled Load’ (Two Rate or Time of Use) and ‘Flexible’ (Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak). There’s more information on each in your Energy Price Fact Sheet here.

What is my ‘Daily supply charge’?

Your ‘Daily supply charge’ is a fixed daily amount that is charged as part of the metering and distribution services provided by the distribution company that looks after your area. You can find your daily charge in your desktop account by heading to ‘Usage’ and then ‘Your Rates’. Not sure who your distributor is? Head here.

Do you have different plans?

There are no confusing plans or lock-in contracts with Powershop. We believe in fair pricing  – just the same great deal, every day for all our residential customers — because we don’t play favourites (all our customers are our favourites). Plus, our rates are always competitive.

How do you work out my rates?

Your rates are made up of a daily fixed charge and a charge for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of power you use.

You can see what your rates are by logging in to your desktop account. Select the ‘Usage’ tab, then ‘Your Rates’ on the left. If you have more than one property, you can flick between the rates for each property in the drop-down menu of ‘Your Rates’.

This is your Base Rate, on which your discounts are applied. You can toggle between your Base Rate and your Standard Saver pack, and you can also see how other Powerpack discounts effect your rates.

What makes up my power price?

It takes more that just Powershop to get electricity to your property. There’s a whole supply chain and everyone’s responsible for doing their bit. That means the pricing in your power bill is made up of a lot of different elements.

What you’ll actually see on your bill includes:

  • Usage charges – that’s to cover the electricity you’ve used.
  • Daily supply charge – this is a charge that covers the maintenance of the poles and wires that gets electricity to your property.
  • GST – GST is applied to your usage and daily supply charge.

Generating electricity and the wholesale market is another story.