What is the Mega Pack?

The Mega Pack is a pack that covers around three months’ worth of your usage, and is available every 60 days from the date of your first purchase.

What is the purpose of the Mega Pack?

We appreciate that everyone has different needs and situations when it comes to budgeting for and paying for your power, so we are trying our best to tailor our packs to suit all our customers. The Mega Pack is one of several new packs we’ll be introducing to help give our customers more choice and control when it comes to their power.

How often can I buy the Mega Pack?

You can grab the Mega Pack every 60 days. If you buy it, it’ll be available again in 60 days from the day you purchased.

How long will the Mega Pack last?

The Mega Pack will cover you for about three months’ worth of usage. We estimate your usage for those three months and base the size of the pack on our estimate, so it may last you a little less or a little more than three months, but should be pretty close.

Why can’t I purchase at this discount all the time?

Packs are offered every 60 days, so can be purchased to cover you across the entire year. 

Can I still buy Specials if I’ve bought the Mega Pack?

Yes! You can still buy Specials and any other Powerpacks even if you’ve bought the Mega Pack. Packs don’t expire, so out of everything you have purchased, we apply the cheapest first.

But what if I change my mind?

That’s fine, if you purchase anything from the Shop you have 48 hours to get a refund on it – just head to the Transaction tab in your online account (web only) and the refund option will be under the listed transaction.

What if Powershop’s discounts change and I have bought too much?

We totally understand that some of our customers love forward purchasing, but that occasionally Powershop will change our discounts. If Powershop’s discount increases (meaning you secured a lower discount at the time of purchasing) simply give us a call and we’ll true up your account.

But what if I leave Powershop?

We hope you don’t, but if you do, any unused Powerpacks will be refunded to your bank account.

I bought the Mega Pack and it didn’t last three months.

That’s because we estimate your usage for three months and base the size of the Mega Pack on that estimate. If your usage is less or more than we estimated, then the Powerpack will last you less or more than three months. You can still purchase other types of Powerpack to cover any shortfall.

The longer you are with us, our estimates become more accurate so we will try our best to limit this occurring.

I bought the Mega Pack and it lasted longer than three months?

That’s because we estimate your usage for three months and base the size of the Mega Pack on that estimate. If your usage is less or more than we estimated, then the Powerpack will last you less or more than three months. Any unused portion will simply roll over to the next period.

I can’t afford the Mega Pack. Why can’t I get the discount anyway?

There are other Powerpacks available that can help you save. The Power Saver is available all the time, Future Packs allow you to save on future usage, and Special Packs with an extra special discount are available for a short time every now and then. If however, you are facing difficulties paying for your power, please contact us to discuss how we can support you.

As always, we encourage our customers to monitor their power usage through our online usage tools, which you can access through the Powershop app or your online account. Our hope is that by giving you more information about your usage, you’re able to have more control over your power and ultimately save even more.

What makes up a Powerpack?

What it’ll cost and what it’s worth: 

The cost and worth of a Powerpack tells you two things.

The cost is how much you’ll actually pay for the Powerpack and the worth is just that – what it’s worth.

The difference between the cost and the worth is what you’re saving.

In the Shop, the worth of a pack is based off your Powershop Auto Pay (your non-discounted rates), and the cost is inclusive of the displayed discount.


Dollars per day


Dollars per day is an estimate of how many days of usage that Powerpack is expected to cover. It’s based on an estimate of your usage for the period that the Powerpack will be used.

Remember that this isn’t what you’re being charged per day. It’s just to help you estimate how many days the Powerpack will cover.

If the dollars per day for a Future Pack seems high, it might be because we’re estimating your usage to be higher for that month (for example, if it’s summer/winter and you’ll be cranking the cooling/heating).



A premium is an amount that’s charged in addition to your kWh rate (after any discounts have been deducted). Not every Powerpack includes a premium.

For example, GreenPower packs include a premium for every kWh (incl. GST) that the Powerpack is expected to cover. For more info on why you would purchase this and other premium Powerpacks, please see our Renewables page.

Can I get a refund on Powerpacks if I change my mind?

Yes. If you change your mind about buying a Powerpack you have 48 hours to refund the purchase yourself. Log in to your desktop account and click on the ‘Transactions’ tab. You should have a ‘refund’ button next to any transactions for Powerpacks you’ve bought in the last 48 hours. You can still get a refund after 48 hours by calling us on 0800 462 668.

Your refund will be credited to your Powershop account and not your bank account or credit card. We only refund your bank account or credit card in exceptional circumstances or if you close your Powershop account. For further details see our Refunds page.

If we’ve done your Account Review in the time between you buying the Powerpack and asking for a refund, then we may not be able to refund you.

How do I get the best savings?

The best way to save is to ensure you log in at least once a month and buy enough of the Power Saver pack to cover your usage for your Account Review period. The Power Saver pack is always available, but we also offer other spot specials and Powerpacks to help you save.

Our online tools and mobile app also allow you to track your electricity use – and of course, one of the best ways to save on your bill is to reduce your usage. By investing in energy efficient appliances you can also help change your usage habits.

What if I buy too much power?

Leftover power will stay in your account and go towards future months.

What if the Powerpacks I buy don’t cover my usage?

Don’t worry, we won’t cut you off! If you use more power than you’ve bought, we’ll let you know. You can buy more power yourself or let us do it for you. If we buy it for you it will be at your Auto Pay rate so you won’t get the savings you can by buying the Power Saver yourself. However, your Auto Pay rates are still super competitive.

I have more than one property – do I have to buy different Powerpacks for each?

No you don’t, provided all your properties are on the one account. Powerpacks are made available at account level and are applied to your entire Account Review at the end of the billing period.

If you prefer to keep your properties separate (for example, if you prefer to buy separate Powerpacks or make separate payments for different properties), let us know — call us on 1800 462 668.

How do I pay for Powerpacks?

When you want to buy power, log in to your account or jump into the app and head to the Shop. Choose a Powerpack to purchase — you can compare their value by comparing their dollar per day amount — then simply add the Powerpack to your cart. You’ll be asked to enter how much of that pack you want to buy (unless it’s a Spot Special or a Future Pack, then you’ll just head through to checkout).

When you confirm that you want to buy your Powerpack in the Shop, the default option will be to complete the transaction using your preferred payment method. You can nominate either a direct debit or credit card as your preferred payment method.

You can set up and edit your preferred payment method by going to ‘Account Preferences’ in your ‘Settings’ in your desktop account.

What are the different types of Powerpack?

Our Powerpacks come in various amounts to suit your budget and how much power you need at the time.

Our Special Packs give you a discounted rate against your Auto Pay rate and come in a range of sizes. We’ll regularly surprise you with extra-special specials (called Spot Specials) to help you increase your savings. These are usually available for a limited time and apply to a specific amount of usage.

Download our mobile app to get a notification when new specials go on the shelf in the Shop. You can also keep up to date with specials by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Power Saver is our super discounted Powerpack available all the time. When you receive your ‘Account Review coming’ email, you have two days to jump into your account and buy the Power Saver.

Future Packs allow you to pay for power months in advance, as well as helping you to spread out payments. Plus, Super Future Packs offer the biggest discount available to help you save more. The further out you buy Future Packs, the bigger the discount!

Our Top Up Packs are the Powerpacks with your guaranteed discount. These packs aren’t the best available discount but are still a great rate, and if you don’t have time to log in and buy the Power Saver, then we will automatically purchase the Auto Pay pack after you receive your Account Review should you be in arrears. We’ll always let you know what date this amount will be debited from your preferred payment method.

What is a Powerpack?

A Powerpack is a dollar amount of power. We sell Powerpacks at a range of different discounts in our online Shop, which you can access by logging in to your account from your desktop or mobile app.

Underneath each Top Up Pack you’ll see:

  • the percentage discount the Pack gives you off your Auto Pay rates; and
  • about how many dollars per day of power that Powerpack is worth.

Underneath each Special or Future Pack you’ll see:

  • the cost of the pack (which is how much you’ll pay);
  • the percentage discount the Powerpack gives you off your Auto Pay rates;
  • approximately how many dollars per day of power that Powerpack is worth; and
  • approximately how many days of power that Powerpack is worth.


Can I buy power after I’ve used it?

Yes! You can buy Powerpacks at any time.

If you’ve used more power than you’ve purchased at the end of your Account Review period, we’ll email you to let you know.

You can then either:

  • log in to your online account and buy the Power Saver pack from the Shop to make sure you get the best discount for your power usage; or
  • not do anything and we’ll buy the exact amount to cover how much power you’re short. This will be charged at the Auto Pay rate.

Paying online and on time will help you get the best discount!

More on what happens around the time of your Account Review.

How do I shop for power?

To go shopping, log in to your Powershop account from your desktop or mobile app and select ‘Shop’.

We sell power in different dollar amounts called Powerpacks. This means you can buy as little or as much power as you need.

If you ever forget to shop for power or if you don’t have time, don’t panic. Powershop isn’t a pre-pay service. We won’t cut you off. We’ll simply bill you for the power you’ve used at the end of your billing period (aka your Account Review period).

That being said, if you want to make sure you get the best savings with Powershop, regularly buying the Power Saver pack and other Powerpacks on special is the way to go!